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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Portable Browser Backup 6.1.0

Portable Browser Backup 6.1.0
Suitable with OS: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 | Lang: Multilingual | Size 5 Mb
For functioning(working) the program,is required,Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Configuration

BrowserBackup makes it easy to backup your browser bookmarks, mail, contacts, speed-dial, notes, passwords, skins, sessions, toolbar’s, plugin’s, preferences and much more to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD and even to a remote FTP server! he application creates a unique file backup archive which includes all backup data.

Why choose BrowserBackup?
- Wizard Interface – The BrowserBackup interface is designed so that the program can be used effectively by a novice as well as a seasoned expert.
- Reliability – Not all backup programs are created equal. BrowserBackup automatically does a full verification of the backup file to ensure that the backup is valid.
- Security – With BrowserBackup, you can protect your backups with industry standard 256bit AES Encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your personal or corporate data.
- Flexibility – BrowserBackup provides an intelligent backup of data for four most popular web browsers (Opera, Chrome, Chromium, Firefox).
- Support – Software, especially software designed to protect your data, is of marginal use without support. stands behind the program and provides full support to all BrowserBackup users.
- Flexible backup – Save the backup to any removable drives and networked drives, besides being able to select which items you want to backup very easy.

What's new in 6.1.0 hotfix release
- UPD: BB-Engine v6100
- BUGFIXED: Ahora permite la copia de seguridad de Opera 11.01.
- BUGFIXED: Posible fallo detectando la ruta de instalacion de Opera en ciertas circustancias a sido solucionado.
- BUGFIXED: Deteccion la ruta de instalacion de Chorme/Chromium solucionado (XP).
- BUGFIXED: Algunos pequenos cambios de el opera.ini de BrowserBackup.
- BUGFIXED: Algunos procedimientos podian entrar en conflicto en ciertas circustancias y congelar BB.
- BUGFIXED: Opera; Anadidos del navegador como Widgets, App’s Unite, y extensiones ahora estan en un solo elemento (Esto se ha forzado por la forma en la que Opera trata estos elementos en sus archivos.)
- BUGFIXED: Opera; Opcion de multi-user=0 no funcionaba bien con el asistente.
- BUGFIXED: Instalador ahora busca el .NET Framework 4.0 (Necesario desde la v6.0).
- GUI: Pequeno problema con algunos labels que no mostraban todas las letras completas.
- DEL: Eliminado el modo de depuracion publico.

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