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Friday, January 14, 2011

Legend Maker 1.3.4 Mac OSX

Legend Maker 1.3.4 | Mac OSX | 11 Mb

Legend Maker... Are you trying to make your books available for the Kindle? Are you looking to support the growing number of eBook readers that use ePub? Are you spending too much time trying to properly format your books instead of focusing on writing? Legend Maker takes all the hassle, confusion, and mystery out of creating perfectly formed ePub and Kindle books so you can do what you do best, write great stories!

Include images (such as a cover or an author picture) anywhere in your book. If you’ve ever had to fight to get your images into a book, you’ll be amazed by how easy it is with Legend Maker!
How about a Table of Contents? Legend Maker makes that easy as well. Simply add bookmarks to your manuscript and Legend Maker will automatically generate a Table of Contents — fully accessible via an eBook reader’s contents listing (including the Kindle’s Menu button!). It’s what your readers expect and, with Legend Maker, it’s what your readers get.
Force page breaks anywhere in your manuscript (entries in your Table of Contents always start on a new page). You can always guarantee the flow you need — make sure that dramatic reveal is truly dramatic.
Include endnotes that are automatically linked between your text and the note. Your readers can jump back and forth and never lose their place. They can even read through the Endnotes and jump to the book text that references a note.

Requirement: 10.6.x+ and Intel only

Version 1.3.4:
* Removes an erroneous error message requiring poster art for audio files.
* Kindle table of contents title formatting changed to be more Kindle compliant.
* Allow for the building of Kindle books in the demo version of Legend Maker.
* Minor bug fixes.

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