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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ultimate Edition 2.8 Lite ML/Rus

Ultimate Edition 2.8 Lite ML/Rus | 552 MB

Ultimate Edition 2.8 Lite - Light version of the assembly based on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat (Linux), having a small size distribution (CD-version) and very low demands on system resources, due to what will fly even on old Computers. Can be used as a LiveCD or as a working operating system.
Ultimate Edition is based on Ubuntu but not a direct project within Ubuntu. The main difference between them is that the Ultimate Edition has its own repository, which contains a rare multimedia driver, as well as packages for installation that require user license agreement for the installation. This goes against the philosophy of Ubuntu (freedom of vote). Ultimate Edition can not install the multimedia codecs are rare by default, as it is against U.S. law, but they and programs, their use can be easily installed after the system using icons update or Ultamatix without having to add a new repository. Ultimate repositories also contain the latest upgrade packages that are supported by the official repositories Ubuntu.

- Abiword - Free word processor
- Ace-of-penguins - graphical solitaire-style game "Penguin"
- Lxterminal - a standard terminal emulator for LXDE
- Leafpad - text editor for Unix-like systems
- Gnumeric - analog spreadsheet OpenOffice
- Mplayer - Player
- Chromium - browser
- Xpad - virtual notes to your desktop
- Cheese - a program to work with webcam
- Hardinfo - application that displays information about your hardware and operating system
- Simple-scan - program for scanning
- Osmo - Organizer
- Some of the topics

- Blue deck theme pack - light theme
- Terminator - multi-terminal
- Gedit - text editor
- Vlc - Player
- Firefox - Browser
- Ultamatix - Tool to download additional applications and games, the original order, icons, etc.





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