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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SAP Business Object XI 3.1 Integrated SP3

SAP Business Object XI 3.1 Integrated SP3
SHOCKiSO TEAM | 29/12/2010 | 2.42 GB

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise software is a flexible and scalable information infrastructure that makes it easy for you to discover and share insight for optimal decision making. Built on a service-oriented architecture, the software offers an extensive set of solutions on a single platform and enables IT departments to extend BI to any application or process in any environment. With SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, the BI software that empowers your organization to gain uncontestable insight essential to making cost-effective and profitable business decisions.

You can:
Deliver the most extensive set of BI solutions on a single platform for better and faster decision making while requiring minimal IT dependence.

Empower employees with visibility and self-service by providing a single place where users can find the relevant information they need to do their jobs.

Reduce deployment- and maintenance-related costs by facilitating integration with your existing IT infrastructure and deploying BI applications for heterogeneous environments.

Extend insight from BI to everyone by taking advantage of near-linear scalability and technological innovations such as built-in load balancing, caching services, and data sharing.

Embed BI in any application or business process with comprehensive integration capabilities such as fine-grained software development kits and Web services.

Release Notes:
Previous versions of this particular appliction have been released with many different names, partially because of the constant changing of ownership of this application, and partially because of the ineptitude of the groups releasing the application. For this reason, I will explain how this goes for you:

This is the main BI suite/portal. It was originally called Seagate Crystal Enterprise (before version 9). For versions 9 and 10, it was called Crystal Enterprise (Seagate sold the app). After 10, Crystal was bought by a company called Business Objects, and BO decided that using decimal numbers for versions was a silly idea, so the next two versions of BO were called Business Objects Enterprise XI and XI R2. Then Business Objects was bought by SAP, who decided that BO was pretty stupid in moving from decimal's to roman numerals, but they felt that the product needed the XI in its name, so they decided to start it at v3.1, making this release as shown in the title.

Release Info:
Supplier : SHOCKiSO TEAM
Release date : 29/12/2010
Packager : SHOCKiSO TEAM




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