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Friday, May 21, 2010

Wing FTP Server Corporate Edition v3.4.5 Multilingual

      Wing FTP Server Corporate Edition v3.4.5 Multilingual | 8.10 MB

Wing FTP Server is more than a FTP server. It is a secure multi-protocol file server(FTP, HTTP, FTPS, HTTPS, SFTP) for Windows, Linux, Mac, freeBSD and Solaris. It has Real-Time information function, which enables you to monitor the file server in real time, you can keep an eye on each user connected to the server and collect detailed user information. It also offers email notification and event manager,allowing the program to respond to different events, such as file upload or download by sending a default notification email to the administrator automatically. It includes a new set of advanced tools (web based remote control, web based client, administrator console, task scheduler). It provides scripts support let users extend the server by Lua language, virtual directories for easily sharing files and directories, and ratio, disk quota system for controlling how much an user or a group uploads and downloads. The server supports the following protocols:

• FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
• HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
• FTPS (FTP over SSL)
• SFTP using SSH2 (File Transfer over Secure Shell)

Corporate Edition:
• Unlimited accounts number
• Unlimited concurrent connections
• Database storage of accounts via ODBC
• Database storage of accounts via Mysql
• Event Manager
• Task schedulers with lua script
• All features in the secure edition

Wing FTP Server v3.4.5 Released: 29/Apr/2010
» Fixed a directory traversal vulnerability when using HTTP protocol. (SA39629)
» Added Portuguese(Brazil) language.
» Added Spanish language.
» Updated English language.
» Updated the Console application (wftpconsole), now it supports option "-f ".
» Updated the Help Manual for webclient and webadmin.
» Added a password strength bar when changing user/admin password.
» Fixed a bug - Can't use filename as parameter for FTP list command.
» Fixed a bug - Warning dialog will not popup sometimes when uploading via webclient in Mac OS X.



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