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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Twiddle TextLab

                 WinApp | Twiddle TextLab | 1.06 Mb

Program TextLab gives additional possibilities of formatting and transforming of the simple text data (plain text) in an operating time with any text editor installed on your computer. Additional possibilities appear at usage of all editors, starting from the elementary, such as notepad or FAR built-in editor, and finishing text editors of Visual Studio and MS Office.

The possibilities given TextLab, are accessible also by operation in the Internet, at text entering on any html-pages displayed by a Web-browser.
Access to additional operations on a text transforming to be fulfilled by pressing of hot keys or by means of a special pop-up menu.

All working in Internet TextLab will help to issue accurately and clearly texts in various forms and questionnaires, in chats and forums, by operation with e-mail and at publishing blogs.


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