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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Google Analytics Reminder: Redeem your $100 Google AdWords coupon before it expires

More clicks. More traffic. More customers.
Redeem this $100 coupon code before March 31, 2010 to try AdWords today:
Dear Google Analytics User,
Don’t miss your chance to experience the power of Google AdWords with the free $100 offer we sent you recently. Google AdWords delivers customers who click on your search ads—and Google Analytics shows you how to make the most of your search campaigns. Research shows every dollar you spend on search can return an average of $21.85.* Get more for your business today.
Redeem your free $100 offer now by going to (valid until 3/31/10): ABC4-DEFG-HIJK-LM5N-OPQ
The Google Analytics Team
*Global Insight, 2009


  1. Hi, thanks for the voucher, but google says that de code is incorrect.


  2. sorrrry this code for vaild only one time urs late somebody use this code